Management of tourist apartments and villas

Your second home in Spain staying empty for practically the whole year, only produces expenses!

Enjoy your home, cover fixed expenses and earn additional income

We manage the comprehensive rental of your home.

Why entrust your property to apturist?

  • We comply with current LEGAL and FINANCIAL regulations – AVOIDING the risk of possible fines of between € 6,000 and € 60,000.
  • We maximize your income by working with the most important reservation platforms in the market, as well as travel agencies and of course, our own website.
  • We offer a professional and comprehensive service of marketing, key custody, management, cleaning, laundry, charges, maintenance and renovating. We have filters to attract good customers to your home.
  • We have filters to attract good customers to your home.
  • We have a team of professionals and maintenance companies, which allow us to act quickly.
  • Guarantee of rent collection and transparency in reservations.
  • We aim to make the most of your property in a PROFESSIONAL, LEGAL WAY, with the best possible PROFIT and with the maximum GUARANTEE that we take care of your property as if it were our own.
  • We offer you our select apturist club, so that you can enjoy benefits and discounts at various establishments in the city

  • We carry out any other management that you need regarding your home with town councils or companies.

A wide range of Services so that you can use them à la carte or in a comprehensive way, which will allow you to forget about managing the rental of your second residence or tourist home

Differentiating profile
We create a differentiating profile of your home, for the various On-Line reservation platforms, with an attractive and impressive photographic report and we advise and inform you on a monthly basis
Management with On-Line platforms
We place your home on more than 20 platforms on the internet with full synchronization of prices, availability, calendar, and online reservation management.
Cleaning and Preparation
We clean and prepare your home so that customers have an excellent first impression. From fine presentation tasks to cleaning before and after each reservation so that the house is clean and perfumed for the next customers
We advise you about the decoration to give a differential image. We make purchases for you, plus we take care of receiving and installing said purchases.
Bedding and Laundry
We provide the necessary bedding for each room, as well as bath and sink towels for the personal hygiene of the client. All bedding and towels are top quality. We take care of the collection and making up, without replacement problems and without having to buy more.
Check in / Check out service
24h reception service. We receive the client with a smile, even though they arrive outside the scheduled hours and we also show them how to use the household appliances and recommend places to visit, etc. We make a contract on arrival for the holiday period and send the DNI or Passport ,with the security identification card of each tenant staying in the house, to the local Police
Payments and Deposits
We manage the collection of advance payments for reservations and deposits at Check in and return of the deposit at check out. Both from our On-Line payment platform, as well as through other methods. We pay you monthly the agreed part of the reservations that we have managed.
Repair and Maintenance
Our team and maintenance companies allow us to manage, coordinate and repair breakdowns, so that your home is 100% available. We carry out the procedures for you with your insurance in the event of a claim
We carry out the necessary reforms of your home to give it greater purchasing power and greater productivity for tourist rental.
Legal / Fiscal
We advise you to comply with the Legal, Fiscal and Regulatory regulations regarding Tourism

We manage the rental of your tourist home, turning the expenses into dividends. Don’t think twice

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